Robin van Sloten

Technical project lead
With a passion for web development

Professional career

Since May 2022 I have been working at Malvern Panalytical as a Technical project lead for specials development. Before I started there I have worked several years for Signify (formerly known as Philips Lighting).

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From 2008 until 2017 I have studied industrial design engineering at the University of Twente. Here I've learned to combine design, engineering, technology and the social sciences. Designing and improving products that are part of people’s everyday lives, considering their safety, affordability and sustainability, with the user experience as a key frame of reference.

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Side activities

Participating in side activities has really defined me as I am. Most of the things I do now are because of all the side activities I have done in the past.

Website development

I love to build websites. It is like a technological puzzle where you have an end-goal in mind, but need to find the right way to achieve what you want.

Student association

During my studies I have learned a great lot at my student association. I have been involved with their IT systems, yearbooks, and several other committees related to trainings and activities.

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